Monday, April 23, 2012


Daughter had an appointment with Psychiatrist today.  These appointments are team meetings, and so in addition to Daughter and me, Case Manager, Program Manager (and her student intern) and House Staff were all present.  Daughter didn't like it when Program Manager commented that the two of us communicate and check stories, and she went off.  She was screaming and using colorful language.  It was quite a show.  Staff was lined up outside the room, ready to come in and intervene, but she managed to calm down.  When I gave her a hug good bye, she was reluctant to let go. 
We decided not to change her meds right now, but she will be going back in just a month.  She's doing very well at the house, struggling at her program.  Case Manager and I were talking following the appointment, and she thinks we need to work with her on her interactions with men.  I suggested that timing on that needed to be discussed with Therapist.  Therapist came out and told us we had to stop beating Daughter.  She was amused by her outburst.  As we were talking, I remembered that Daughter has Central Auditory Processing Disorder.  I began to wonder if she is being overwhelmed by verbal instructions at program.  We decided I should let both her program and the house know that they need to be careful about too many verbal directions, and that Daughter does better with a written schedule. 
We'll see if that helps with her volatility. 

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