Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Daughter's Holy Week

Daughter informed me she wanted to go to all the Holy Week services, so I decided to just have her stay here from Thursday through Sunday. It was the best visit we've had. She was cooperative, and even anticipated needs. She did everything I asked of her without complaining. Of course, the promise of a movie if she cooperated may have helped with that....
She helped with yard work and in the kitchen. We even came home after church Sunday and did some more work in the yard. She helped me with the raised garden bed. With her spatial and auditory issues, that became problematic. She has trouble with verbal instructions involving moving in a specific direction or picking something up a specific way. I had started to do the final assembly on the ground, but was having trouble with working down so low. When I woke up Sunday morning I realized the answer was to move the small tables I have in the garage out to where the garden bed was and put it on that while I finished assembly. Daughter had a terrible time trying to help me lift it. She ended up getting her finger pinched between the wood. She was screaming, and said she couldn't pull it out. I finally got her to stop screaming and listen to my directions. Her finger was flattened, but didn't seem to be broken. She demanded to go back to her home and stormed into the house. I gave her a minute, then followed and looked at the finger again. I gave her some ice to put on it and told her that though it would probably bruise, I thought she'd be fine.
She came back outside and apologized and continued to work with me. When I took her back Sunday evening, she didn't want to go. She said she belonged with me. I told her I'd enjoyed her visit, but suspected that if she'd stayed another day, she'd have blown up. She grinned, "I'm not saying anything." When she called that evening, I asked if it was good to be home. I could hear her smiling again as she said, "I'm not saying anything."
The home gave her an Easter basket full of regular candy. She told me about it when she called Sunday evening. I told her to give her basket to staff and promised to come exchange the candy for things she could have on Monday. She did and I did. She was pleased with the sugar free candy and gum I substituted.
I think she's settling into the house. Is it perfect? No. There won't be a perfect place. But she's maturing and they seem to be doing a better job with the medication.
It snowed today, but a couple came over and helped me finish and install the first of my raised garden beds this evening. I'm delighted to have it done, and think it will work well. They'll help with the second one once I get it assembled. I'm glad to have the first one situation. I have to finish filling it, but I think it will work well for me. I was cold this evening, so I built a fire in my fireplace. Hopefully it's the last of the season. Of course, I thought that about the last one, too.

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Miz Kizzle said...

Glad you had a good visit with your DD. You're right, no residence would be perfect for her. Other places have guys going in girls' rooms, theft, drug use -- you name it.
Too bad they still haven't figured out that the Easter candy they wanted to give her would have been very bad for her health.