Sunday, April 15, 2012


The Sunday after Easter is always lower attendance, and a rainy gray day didn't help, but there were things to celebrate. Two of our newer young members were there without spouses. It's encouraging to see that level of commitment in newer members. A couple who visited last week were back today. He is really excited. He grew up in the church, but hasn't attended in years. His dad told him he needed to go to church last Sunday, and he came to visit us. His girl friend grew up in the church but hasn't attended in years. Her parents have been working on her for years. They were so excited to see them in worship again this morning.
The couple who helped me install my first raised garden bed asked if the second one was ready. They came over this evening and helped me do the final assembly and put it in the ground. When they arrived, I had the four sides in the backyard and was ready to begin connecting them. It's in and ready to be filled. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I will be able to begin filling it on Tuesday.
Daughter decided to stay this afternoon so she could go with me for the nursing home worship service. She is struggling with things right now. I think that being home for an extended period of time at Easter was confusing for her and made it harder to settle back in. She asked to stay for the nursing home service, then asked me to take her back early. Then when I took her back after the service, she wasn't happy about being there.
I'm concerned about how she'll handle going back to her house after her time at camp and vacation this summer. I've decided that 2 weeks of my vacation this summer will be spent at home. I can play in my yard, go exploring area parks, and get the break I need without spending a lot of money. We'll go to our favorite state park for one week. I think I'm ready to look at the calendar and make reservations.

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