Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holy Week and the Garden

We've been working ahead in the office, so even with extra worship services for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, we're fairly relaxed. The property guys got the blade installed on my saw today. They struggled with it, and it took two of them to do it, so I felt better about my inability to figure it out.
I came home and did some more work on my raised garden beds. I cut the wood for the second bed, and then I painted. The wood I cut last night got a second coat, and the wood I cut today got a first coat. I also did some cleaning in the garage so I had a better set-up to work. It's pretty amazing to me that I have the time to do this stuff during Holy Week. It feels good to be so far ahead. Administrative Assistant was actually working on the bulletin for the 15th today, which is probably good. That week I have a day and a half out of the office and a bunch of meetings.
Daughter claims she's depressed. She called sobbing tonight. She wanted me to come beat up the staff. They had asked her to use an alcohol swab to clean her skin before she injected her insulin. I finally got her calmed down and reminded her she'd be with me the next 3 nights. My hope is that she'll miss her friends while she's here and want to go back. Maybe that will help her settle in.

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Anonymous said...

(Sorry, not following you. Can't use alcohol swab because?) Hope your weekend with Daughter is positive (for you) and perhaps boring (for her) :) So Thankful for Easter: the power, the reality, the promise. He is Risen !! R in SL