Friday, February 1, 2013


I spent time Thursday morning at Daughter's current house, trying to help them understand her needs as a diabetic and someone with severe PTSD.  The meeting went fairly well.  We made some things very clear-- she is not allowed to keep her lunch in her room over night.  I also told them not to let her threaten them with calling me.  I told them tell her to call me, because I will remind her she needs to respect the staff.  I told them she needs to know they are in charge. 

After the meeting Case Manager asked if I still wanted to move her.  I said I do.  I think Daughter will do better in a smaller house with more stability in the staff.  I asked CM what she thought, and she agreed with me.  She will begin the process of moving Daughter next week.  I have to write a letter giving the house 30 days notice.  The goal is to have Daughter moved by March 1. 

Administrative Assistant and I both had struggles with our computers yesterday.  She was trying to finish the newsletter, I was working on the PowerPoint for my sermon.  We were struggling with different software.  AA finally restarted her computer, and Publisher still wouldn't let her edit one box.  We traded computers, which solved the problems.  When she reopened the finished newsletter on her computer, it worked just fine.  We were quite proud of ourselves for outsmarting the computers. 

Once again I have every thing ready for Sunday morning.  I have printed out all the material and it is in the sanctuary, ready to go.  It means I will have two full days off this week-- sort of.  Today Sister Best Friend are going to work on a project for the regional committee we are on, and then we're going to paint. 

Tomorrow Short Niece has a violin concert, and Daughter and I will be attending.  Of course, all of these plans could change, as we are under a winter storm warning. 

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