Saturday, February 16, 2013

Right Calling

Last night I went out to eat with some members.  One of the women was talking about some challenges with one of her children.  I offered some suggestions, based on my experiences with Daughter.  She loved them, and was quite impressed by my knowledge.  She suggested I had missed my calling.  The other people were quick to respond to that one, "No she didn't!" 

I do love what I do, and I'm glad that I can offer suggestions to parents dealing with challenging children.  I do know that I am in the right calling.  Daughter has been bugging me to come get her.  I told her I waned to finish my income taxes first.  I've been working on them, and think I'm about done.  I'm not going to tell her yet, though.  I have quite a bit of paperwork I want to get filed first.  Every year I vow I'm going to do a better job with the paper work next year.  Once again I'm making that vow.  Maybe I'll actually keep it this year....

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