Thursday, February 28, 2013


Several weeks I told the property guys that we needed a new toilet seat in one of the women's restrooms.  One of the men went to the local stores looking for one with an open front, and discovered he couldn't find a round one locally, as most new toilets for public buildings have the elongated bowls.  I suggested searching on the internet, and did quick search, which resulted in ads for toilet seats spring up on many of the sites I visit.  He did a search at home, and had the same problem.  We were laughing about it, and figuring out what searches we could do to get better ads. 

Last week, after several searches, the man came in and ordered one. I gave him the church credit card to do it, and he ordered it on computer the treasurer uses.  It arrived today, and it said it was a gift, for me, from the property guys.  Administrative Assistant thought it was funny.  It helps to have a sense of humor around here....

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