Sunday, February 10, 2013


This morning one of the members was telling me how impressed he was by my memory.  He said he was amazed by all the things I have to remember on Sunday mornings and how well I do with it.  Of course, 15 minutes later I realized I had completely forgotten the Sunday School teachers meeting that was taking place downstairs and I was supposed to be attending. 

I am beginning to delegate more, and it feels a bit weird.  I know, though, that it is what needs to happen if the church is going to continue to grow.  I have two people having back surgery Tuesday morning-- they have the same surgeon, and they are his first two cases.  I will be going to the hospital to pray with them both Tuesday morning, but I will not be staying through the surgery, it is a super busy week, and I'm looking forward to most of it.  All I have to do is remember what I'm supposed to be doing and when....

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