Friday, February 22, 2013

Daughter's First Visit

Daughter had supper at the home she will be moving to this evening.  From our phone conversation, it sounds like it went very well.  She had a dance off with one of the staff members.  The Owner asked her if I knew she danced that way, and Daughter said, "No, why?"  I don't know what moves she was doing, but Owner was apparently surprised to see them coming from a preacher's kid. 

She knew one of the women from the sheltered workshop, and said, "She's sweet."  She loved the house, and thinks the bedrooms are awesome.  She's going to try out two different rooms when she has her overnight visits to see which one she likes better.  She is very excited.  I was concerned because her bedroom will be much smaller and she'll no longer have a private bathroom.  She says that's okay, because she has trouble keeping the big room clean. 

The only challenge may be making her wait until April 1st to move in.  I'm glad it went so well. 

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