Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another Meeting

Today was the all day meeting 75 miles from here.  It was in a downtown church, and we'd received an email this week warning us that parking is challenging there, and directing us to nearby parking lots.  It strongly suggested we car pool.  Last night a colleague called, and asked if I wanted to go together.  He and his wife are sharing one vehicle, so I've provided transportation for him several times, and he offered to drive.  I also had a member going, so we met in the church parking lot at 7:30 this morning and headed out.  It was nice to go as a passenger.  The three of us had good conversations, so the trip went fairly quickly.

We had an excellent speaker at the meeting today-- the second meeting in a row we've had a good speaker.  I still don't like Saturday meetings.  The lay people love them, but us clergy types aren't as thrilled. 

I'm headed into another super busy week.  I'll be out 4 evenings in a row, have an extra sermon to write, and a chunk of each day is going to be consumed by various meetings as well.  I will probably do a little bit of work tomorrow to get a head start on things.  Daughter seems to be doing pretty well right now, and I'm grateful....

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