Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Shift

We do a book study during Lent, and we always offer the congregation the opportunity to have us purchase the book for them.  This year the majority of the participants said they would get the book on their e-reader.  It isn't just the young members who are using e-readers, either.  This is a major shift in this congregation, and in society in general.  I am grateful to be serving a congregation that embraces technology with such enthusiasm.

We finished putting the documents for Monday night's board meeting on the website today.  There are 14 of them, and I'm so grateful we no longer print them all out for each board member.  Many of them will read them on their tablets, and bring their tablets with them to the meeting Monday evening.  I usually print out the agenda so  can write some notes on it. 

When I was in seminary 30 years ago, a classmate did an evening program on the use of computers in the church.  I didn't bother attending, because there was no use for computers in the church.  Shows how much I knew.   I've decided I like this technology. 

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