Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Daughter was quite excited today, telling everyone her good news about her upcoming move.  During of joys and concerns, she sat there squirming, eager for me to announce her news.  I did, stating that Daughter was happy because it's closer to my house and I'm happy because it's not close enough to walk.  For some reason, the congregation thought that was hilarious. 

Pianist was a proud grandmother with pictures of her new grand babies who were born prematurely this past week.  They are doing pretty well.  I told people to go check out her pictures, and after worship the piano was surrounded.

We had a visitor in worship this morning.  She's new to the area, having been transferred here from Florida.  She's not liking our winter weather.  She met someone who works for the same company and a couple who live right down the street from her.  She even stayed for the fellowship meal following the service.  She's planning to return. 

Two men are plotting a major change tomorrow.  I suspect they're stirring up a hornets' nest, but I'll let them figure it out. 

I was talking to some of our newer members at the fellowship meal, and learned he's a photographer.  We are looking for a picture to turn into a mural.  I called one of the men over and informed him that this new member has 1000's of nature pictures he's taken.  The man's whole face lit up.  I love it when I can connect people like that. 

Attendance is still down because of the various bugs floating around the area, but it was a good Sunday. 

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