Tuesday, April 21, 2009


It seems like my I'm entrusting my loved ones to the care of incompetent people these days. Dad is not happy at the nursing home where he is for rehab this time. He told Far Away Sister that it is a terrible place. They've lost all his clothes, which are all labeled from his many stays in rehab. This is the nursing home that Brother really pushed. We hope that Dad is telling him how bad it is. The good news is that Dad is continuing to lose the excess fluid. He's down to 218 now, the lowest he's been in month. He still is retaining some fluid, but he was 254 during this most recent hospitalization.
Sister received a call from one of the aides who is going in to the assisted living home and providing care for Mom. The aide is very concerned that Mom is not receiving good care, and is ignored when the aide isn't there. Sister called the administrator, but we aren't sure what to do at this point. The reality is that Mom is not capable of telling us what kind of care she is receiving, and we are not able to be there as often as we need to be to keep track of the quality of care she is receiving. She is also losing weight, those hers is not because she's retaining fluid, hers is because she isn't eating enough to keep her going. Her weight loss isn't critical yet, but the trend is there.
Daughter is becoming more manic with each passing day. She is becoming increasingly irritable. She is seeking to pick fights with me. When I refuse to buy in and don't respond to her, she goes off based on what she thinks I'm thinking or the way I'm breathing. The blood work showed that both her lithium and depakote levels are very low, but Psychiatrist has yet to decide what changes to make in her meds.
Tonight she's back on a rant about how she has to quit the workshop. They don't have work in currently, and once again they aren't providing Daughter the structure she needs. She recognizes that they aren't following through with her plan, which states they are supposed to give her other things to do when there isn't work in. Right now her plan is to go into the workshop tomorrow, clean out her locker, and grab her files. Then she intends to never go back. That's not going to happen, but I'm not going to engage her tonight. She's beyond reason. Hopefully she'll see things differently tomorrow morning.

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