Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Workshop, Again

Daughter is on insulin. Before meals, she checks her blood sugar and gives herself insulin to cover the carbohydrate content of the food she will be eating. She has a ratio insulin to carbs we use to calculate her insulin needs. The Novolog she takes before meals is a fast acting insulin, so it begins to work within about 15 minutes of taking it. Unless her blood sugar is very high, she takes it right before she eats so that the insulin doesn't get ahead of her food and cause her to go low.
Today, Daughter was part of a group from the workshop that went out for lunch to a restaurant. They had her test her blood sugar and take her insulin before they left the workshop. At that point, they didn't even know what she was going to order, so I don't know how they determined what the carb content of her meal would be. Fortunately, she didn't have a low while waiting for her meal, but I don't think they have any concept of how dangerous what they did was.
They are very fortunate, because by the time Daughter got home and told me what had happened, they were gone for the day. By the time I call them on Monday (they are closed tomorrow), I will have had time to cool down. If I were able to reach somebody right now, I would probably saw some things that aren't very Christian. I think I would definitely say some things that aren't very Christian. I might even be tempted to use some colorful language. I probably would use some colorful language.
Dad is supposed to be discharged today, but the nursing home doesn't have a bed available for him. So now he wants to go anyplace he can, but the admission people have already gone home at his second choice. The hospice nurse reports that the care Mom has been getting is not good. Some of my frustration with those situations would probably come out in any conversation I had with the workshop today. Have I mentioned how lucky they are that I can't talk to them today?


TobyBo said...

hugs from here.

some situations require colorful language... or at least the ability to show that it is there under restraint. This is one of those.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to the safety of your child, you must do whatever is necessary. Colorful language sometimes is part of that equation. Good luck!

Reverend Mom said...

I'm glad you all understand the need for colorful language. After a wonderful worship service tonight, I think I'll be able to show some restraint when I talk to the people at the workshop on Monday.