Friday, April 17, 2009


Daughter's job is to write down her blood sugar, insulin, and carbs for each meal and snack. She does this so we can look for patterns and adjust insulin accordingly. She tests her blood sugar. I calculate carbs, figure insulin, and draw up insulin. She injects the insulin I prepare for her. All insulin is either locked up or in my possession since she OD'd on insulin. Yesterday she had great blood sugars until evening. Those were high because she was into extra food. This morning I asked her how much insulin I had given her at breakfast yesterday. I couldn't remember if I'd given her 6 or 7 units of insulin. She told me I'd given her 5.
She didn't write it down yesterday morning, so she guessed later in the day because she knows she has to have complete records before she can watch TV in the evening. I told her it was wrong and reminded her why she needs to keep records, and how important they are. She has announced that at soon as she gets home tonight she is leaving. She's not going to celebrate her Adoption Day. I'm ruining her life (again) and she's not going to put up with me anymore.


Munchkin Mom said...

Sigh. I have ruined two of my children's lives today. Both females.

Reverend Mom said...

We certainly are talented, aren't we?