Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

We had a worship service last night, so we don't have one today. Daughter is off today, and wants to go out and have fun. Even though I'm not leading worship, I'm not going out to have fun. I will spend much of this afternoon in prayer and reflection, which will drive Daughter crazy (which will not be conducive to quiet reflection on my part.)

Since we are staying home for Easter, we will need to figure out what we are having for Easter dinner and make a grocery list. Tomorrow we will have a significant amount of running around to do in town. I just gave Daughter a chore list for today, in hopes of keeping her occupied and out of my hair. She began with protests, of course, but is now adding to it. I've promised her TV time if she gets things done.

Dad is moving to rehab today, but not the one we had hoped for. He's going to the one Brother picked out that is convenient to Brother. It doesn't have great inspection reports, and his doctor doesn't go there. Dad is already saying that when he gets out he wants a live-in for a week. The whole point of rehab was to get him strong enough that he won't need a live-in, and when he gets home, he tends to get weaker, not stronger.

Mom is not doing as well. She is less responsive and engaged. She is eating less. We're leaving her on hospice. We're taking one day at a time. Today is Good Friday, and Easter is coming.

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TobyBo said...

I am so glad Easter's coming.