Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catching Up

I managed to avoid my Holy Week sinusitis this year, for which I am grateful. Or, I should say, I avoided it during Holy Week. By Sunday evening I was coughing and losing my voice. Between Holy Week and my parents' health struggles, I have fallen behind on so many things, so this week is going to be a week of playing catch up.
Of course, playing catch up is not particularly fun, so the fact that I'm not feeling great will make it more challenging. This morning we went over to the church office and discovered we didn't have any power. They are replacing the electrical box in the boiler room, and apparently the office outlets are on that box. Interestingly, the light fixtures aren't. Without power, we couldn't do the work we needed to do, so we rescheduled office hours for tomorrow morning.
One of the trustees came over and replaced the ballast on the florescent fixture in my kitchen today. I've had a strobe light recently. Fortunately, Daughter's seizures aren't triggered by strobe lights! The trustee is a farmer, and it's raining today, so it's a good day for doing inside work. It took some doing, but he got the light fixture working properly, and I'm grateful.
I'm going to do some commentary work today for my sermon, and I may do some more work on my office. I got a good start in their yesterday, but there was an unbelievable pile of papers to sort through. We aren't going to see the sun until Thursday, so I have a feeling I will be dragging all week. Sinusitis, post-Easter let down, catching up on old work, and gray days all add up to make it very hard to get moving.

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