Sunday, September 21, 2014


I have picked up a cold.  It's not unusual.  Fall is stressful, and I often find myself fighting a cold.  The good news is that things are going really well at the church. This was our third Sunday in a row with over 100 in worship.  In 2011, average worship attendance was 78, and we only had three Sundays all year with worship over 100.  We have been growing steadily since that time.  It's not at a fast pace, but it is a comfortable pace.  As I was watching people visit before worship, I realized I couldn't tell who the new members are.  This congregation really adopts new members, and here were lots of hugs and noisy conversations this morning. 

We made some changes to the worship service this fall, and so far I haven't heard any complaints, which is pretty amazing.  Actually that isn't true, they don't like learning new songs, but they do it.  Tomorrow night the board is meeting, and we will talk about some of the information I brought back from the retreat.  I'm looking forward to the discussion. 

Daughter was in a cooperative mood again today.  I wouldn't take her shopping, but she accepted that pretty well.  She even listened when I talked to  her about perspective.  I told her that when things are bad she immediately wants to run away, and forgets all the times things have been good.  It took explaining it several different ways, but I think she finally understood what I was saying.

I have some ideas on securing the pantry, so once I get that done, I'll allow her to visit again.  She has begun keeping track of her blood sugars, and seems to be willing to take responsibility-- at least for now.  

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Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better. Some soup may be in order! Glad to hear about the growth in your faith community, you have worked hard to make it a special place to be! - April in RI