Friday, September 19, 2014

A Good Week

It has been  a busy week.  I was at a retreat for the regional church Monday and Tuesday.  It was very affirming of the direction we are taking at the church.  Our vision statement is in line with the steps they suggest for church growth and renewal. 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hear the story of a woman who began attending the church in July.  I am always honored when these stories are shared with me.  She has suffered and overcome much in her life, and has a faith  and a story that touched me deeply. 

Daughter was in a better place yesterday, which was nice.  Bell choir started back up yesterday, which I enjoyed.  Our vocal choir director came to me with two things-- a good health report for himself, and a problem with hygiene of a choir member.  I prefer good news, but I guess all news can't be good. 

The energy at the church is translating into more participation in various activities, from adult education to working the football concession stand.  We are moving forward in exciting ways.  I continue to be very grateful that God called me to serve this congregation.  Next month I will celebrate 4 years in ministry with them-- and 29 years since my ordination. 

Daughter is unhappy that she can't spend the weekends with  me, and understands why.  I still have to figure out how to better secure the pantry, and informed her she has to get better control over herself around food.  She acknowledged that the high blood sugars were the result of a friend "forcing" her to eat food.  I told her unless he tied her down and forced the food down her throat, it was her responsibility.  That shut her up. 

I did manage to get Daughter's appointment with the psychiatrist moved up.  She seems even less in touch with reality than she usually is. I am so grateful she is no longer living with me.  Life is easier when I can hang up the phone on her when she gets abusive. 


Anonymous said...

Have you considered putting an alarm on the pantry door? Maybe something with a klaxon horn, and a harsh, robotic voice that announces. "Security breach! Security breach!"

Reverend Mom said...

We had those in Tiny Village-- with mixed results.