Saturday, September 6, 2014

Daughter's Big Plans

Daughter likes to dance.  She hasn't had any formal instruction, but she enjoys it.  Staff members have seen her dancing at her program, and they decided to give her a chance to teach a dance class in October.  She is very excited. 

This morning she was up before me, working on a list of things she needed for the dance class:
  • a boom box
  • CD's
  • towels
  • dance shoes
  • wood dance floor
  • mirrors
  • a rack for dance shoes
  • a rack for walkers (one class will be for people in wheel chairs and using walkers)
  • little water bottles
  • a refrigerator for the water bottles
So at breakfast we sat down and talked.  I asked her about the goal for the class.  She finally decided it is to have fun.   We talked about what would make it fun.  We talked about encouraging people to move and praising them for any movement at all.  We talked about being positive.  We talked about keeping it simple.  She decided that she has what she needs, though she would like to get the soundtrack from the movie Fame. 

She does like to make big plans.  I was amazed at how easy it was to downsize those plans today.  She's in a good, cooperative mood.  I like having her around when she's like this. 

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