Friday, September 5, 2014

It's Fall

Several times this week I found myself thinking, "Yup, it's fall."  After a wonderful Labor Day with Sister Best Friend, I jumped into  a full week on Tuesday.  I first thought, "It's fall," as I was arriving home just before 9:00 that night.  There were two late nights this week.  We had more people stopping by the office.  They are beginning to come back  from their cottages on various lakes. We kick off our fall program on Sunday.  We've made some adjustments to the order of worship. 

Daughter has been in crisis, and quite frankly, I understand why she doesn't feel safe.  Staff wasn't going to give her a bedtime snack Monday night.  I had to explain the importance of a snack in light of her blood sugar.  She finally agreed to give her half a sandwich.  They ran out of needles for her insulin pens, so she spent two day reusing needles, which puts her at risk of infection.  Staff is in the bedroom next to her, and keeps her TV on all night.  Daughter says she's not sleeping well. 

When I picked her up and brought her home this evening, she disappeared. I finally called her name, asking where she was.  She was snuggling in my bed.  She felt safe there.  I've emailed the home owner, who was on vacation.  Daughter called in tears this evening.  Home owner is in the hospital following  and auto accident.  I'm  dreading the possibility that I'll have to move her again. 

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