Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rapid Cycling

Yesterday I received an email from Case Manager.  Daughter had sent her an email asking her to convince me to let her move and get her out of the current house.  Case Manager forwarded the email to me and asked for my thoughts.  I responded that Daughter had been working on this idea for a week, and I was surprised it had lasted this long.  Yesterday she was mad at me and needed to get out of the house immediately.

This morning I picked her up to do her volunteer work at the church.  She got in the car and said, "Okay.  I'll listen.  I know you have things you want to say to me."  By the time we got to the church, she was accepting the idea that she should stay where she is and give the new staff a chance. 

By lunch time, she was mad again and refusing to work.  At some point she gave me a note demanding to go to the psych unit.   She then drew me a picture with lots of blood and a list of all the people she was going to kill before committing suicide.  She does know how to get attention. 

By suppertime she was apologizing and agreeing to stay at her current house again.  Have I mentioned dealing with her is exhausting right now?


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! Glad you were able to bring Daughter to work in the office a little.

- April in RI

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks. The good news is that she's not spending the weekend with me. I'll pick her up Sunday morning for worship. I told her she can't come here until I figure out a better way to lock the pantry.