Friday, September 26, 2014

Psychiatrist and Self-Sabotage

Daughter had an early appointment with Psychiatrist this week.  Of course, she was doing well at that point.  Very well.  We decided not to adjust meds at this point, but if she has another extended period of rapid cycling, a phone call is all it will take to add a small dose of her anti psychotic in the morning.  Daughter commented several times that it was scary to be doing so well.

That was Wednesday.  Thursday she was at the church.  She seemed to be having a good day, and in addition to her usual work folded 400 pages for the bulletin.  She again raised the possibility of getting her own apartment.  She has picked out a roommate.  I reminded her that she needs to go a year without sneaking food before we make plans for that.  She became belligerent.  The upstairs kitchen is always locked on Thursdays.  We haven't been locking the downstairs kitchen.  At some point she went downstairs and found some graham crackers and ate them.  Her blood sugar was sky high at supper.

Today we had our annual eye exams.  I just had a call from her insisting she couldn't stay at program after her eye exam.  I told her I had confidence in her ability to cope with it.  She didn't like that, of course.  I refused to allow her to go home.  She often becomes challenging after she is praised.  She has difficulty believing she deserves to do well and be happy, so she self-sabotages.  I keep reminding her that she deserves success, but it is still too frightening for her.  Talks of more independence can trigger these issues, too.  She has to prove she's not ready for it yet.  She's convinced me. 

The good news is that my cold has not gotten any worst.  It was a productive week at church.  I don't have to see Daughter again until Sunday. I'm going to celebrate the good news. 

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