Thursday, April 3, 2014


On Sunday, Daughter was one of the music leaders (with Administrative Assistant).  She did a very good job, even reading the Scripture.  One of the women was talking about how well she'd done at an education event last night.  "She did such a good job, and looked so confident.  I was remembering when you were here for the reception that gave us a chance to meet you before you were called.  Daughter had to be right next to you and had her head on your shoulder."  She was also wetting the bed back then. 

Today was her day in the church office.  She filed bulletins, choir music, and catalogs.  We then showed her how to work in the excel spread sheet for choir music and hymns.  She went through the bulletins and added dates for choir anthems from the beginning of December on. Then she did the same for the hymns, and that involved 3-5 a Sunday.  She loved doing it.  Now she's in my office, singing as she does other things.  She is happy, and it is wonderful. 

I got an email from her program today, but that's will have to be another post.  

AA will take her home tonight.  I have had some kind of sinusy thing going on and as the day has gone on my energy level has dropped to almost nothing.  I don't want to be out until after 9:00 tonight. 

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