Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Christ is Risen!

A cartoon has been floating around Facebook that shows Easter morning and Easter afternoon.  Easter morning, the pastor is standing in front of the congregation and says, "Christ is risen!"  Easter afternoon the pastor is sitting in a chair with a vacant look.  The spouse says, "The pastor is dead."  Not quite dead, but certainly exhausted, on a variety of levels. 

I took most of the day off today.  I didn't get dressed until it was time to get ready for the meeting at the church this evening.  Most of the day I sat in my recliner, looking like the pastor in the cartoon.  Easter was good.  Worship went very well, and included a wonderful anthem written by our pianist.  Attendance was good.  We had a very pleasant time with Sister Best Friend in the afternoon.  Daughter was cooperative all day. 

I received a couple of emails from Case Manager this evening.  She'd gone to Daughter's house, and wants me to talk to Daughter about a couple of issues.  I get really tired of the triangulating.  If the house has a problem with something Daughter is doing, they should talk to Daughter directly.  CM also emailed the workshop.  Daughter claims she was physically threatened last week.  I believe she felt threatened, and I know she has a pattern of exaggerating in situations like this.  CM wanted to know what had happened from the workshop.  Daughter told me she'd used her voice and reported the incident.  I trust that the staff handled the situation appropriately.  I think I'm going to remind CM of my stock answer when Daughter comes to me with that kind of story, "I have confidence in your ability to keep yourself safe."  When I read the emails, I was exhausted all over again.  I did ask Daughter not to walk around in her heels at night, as they claim she is waking up the entire house by walking around.  (I think the house might be exaggerating a bit, too.)  I haven't responded to the email.  I will, but I needed to let it sit for a while.  

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