Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Sunday afternoon I got Daughter to help me out in the yard.  She did some raking, and I picked up sticks, trash, and the piles she raked up.  It was wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time out in the yard.  The sunshine felt so good.  I'm frustrated with my limitations this spring.  I'm going to have to recruit some help to do all the things I want to do out there.  It's another spring day, so I plan to spend some more time in the yard this afternoon. 

I'm still fighting a bug, which means my need for sleep is even greater.   I'm sleeping over 8 hours a night, and I'm still dragging.  I continue to feel overwhelmed at the church, though it has been a productive couple of days.  Between Easter and our visioning process, it is just a busy time.  There are lots of good things going on, though, so that is good. 

Daughter seems to be doing well.  She's not calling much, and seems to be handling things better.  Her favorite staff person is still off for medical reasons, and last night she told me she may not be able to come back, and that's okay.  I was amazed to hear her say that. 

We still have some snow, but I told Administrative Assistant today that maybe the snow would be off the parking lot by this Sunday.  That would be nice.  Very nice.  I'm glad we are finally experiencing spring weather.  So glad. 

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