Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Normal Is Just a Setting on a Dryer

This morning Daughter was able to tell me more about the voices. She was able to separate them out. She is supposed to hang her friends from the workshop—from a tree with everybody watching. That’s not a very realistic plan, so I wasn’t too concerned. Then she told me what she’s supposed to do to me—she’s supposed to wait until I’m in a deep sleep and then slit my throat. Now that’s a realistic and deadly plan. I called the emergency number for her psychiatrist and took her in for an assessment. We arrived at 10:30. When I left at 2:40, she had been admitted the psych unit. Her psychiatrist wants to “tweak” the medication. With a realistic plan to murder me, it has to be done on as an inpatient.

I had orders from Daughter to call the workshop as soon as I left the hospital and tell them she was in the hospital. I called the workshop, and her therapist, Sister, Dad, and Brother. I’m trying to convince Sister or Brother to make the soup I was going to make for Dad. I’ll still make it and stick it in the freezer. At some point I will get to his apartment and deliver my low sodium culinary creations.

Before we left for the assessment, I had grabbed the book and CD I had promised to the nursing home couple. On my way back into town, I stopped (very briefly) at the nursing home and dropped them off. I didn’t get to the other nursing home today.

I’ve moved my worship planning workshop from a retreat center to my house. Tomorrow I’ll call and cancel the respite I had scheduled for my time away. I need it, but I can’t leave Daughter that soon after she gets out of the hospital. I don’t know who it would be harder on: Daughter, or me.

I talked to my sister a little while ago. “Is it normal to be so calm about Daughter’s plan to kill me?”

“According to my pastor, normal is just a setting on the dryer.”

I like that. I’m not going worry about how abnormal my life is. I’m not a dryer. I don’t have to be normal.


debinca said...

Gosh, I am sorry to hear this. My first thought is..... what is it about summer? It must be something, sometime somewhere that is triggering this.

I sure hope this gets resolved quickly, and with out the drama from last summer.

dang it dang it.... just when she was doing better,

hugs and prayers from owl

PS I wrote linda about the ADSG, same thing happened with my website, still trying to get it resolved.

Reverend Mom said...

Thanks, Owl. This feels different than last summer. Daughter is not in as bad a shape, and this is the first time we've gone into a hospitalization with complege confidence in the psychiatrist. That makes it much easier! Of course, that doesn't mean I can sleep....