Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Love my Life

Organization is not my strength. I tend to be a procrastinator. Saturday evening I’m often finishing my sermon for Sunday morning, and sometimes it’s Sunday morning before I put the final thoughts on paper.

So I still consider it amazing that yesterday morning K, my closest friend (we met 27 years ago in seminary), arrived for 3 days of worship planning. Yesterday afternoon we wrestled with Scripture and came up with worship themes for all of October. The sermons won’t be written until October, but when we sit down to write them, we will have solid beginning points and notes pointing to various commentaries and in one case, emails referring us to various websites for more information. Our hope is that by the time she heads home tomorrow, we will have plans through at least January, if not longer. Worship is very important to me, and the advanced planning eases my stress significantly. Challenging and being challenged by K as we dig into Scripture is fun and exciting. We have now preached through the 3 year lectionary cycle more times than I care to think about, yet we still find new things each time we open Scripture. I’m really excited about some of the plans we made for October, and know that my excitement will grow as we continue our journey through Scripture.

Last night K and I continued our Scrabble tournament that has been ongoing for many, many years. I won the first round this time, 299-295. We’ll get in several more games before she leaves. We were supposed to do our worship planning at a retreat center. When Daughter went back into the hospital, K readily agreed to come do it here, knowing that I wouldn’t be willing to leave Daughter until I was confident that she was stable.

When Daughter came home yesterday, she came ran into hug Aunt K. Daughter has a softball game tonight, and is delighted because someone other than Mom will be there to cheer her on. We met a colleague who is getting ready to move for supper last night. Daughter was very patient while the three of us talked shop for close to 2 hours. She is thrilled to have Aunt K here, and not at all jealous. She was up with her alarm and had her Christian music playing as she got dressed this morning. She came downstairs singing. She has done remarkably well with the return to home and work, and even the major disruption of a house guest has not bothered her.

Right now, both ministry and parenting are bringing me great joy. I love my life.


debinca said...

Hey you! you must LOVE you life cause you posted the blog twice!! LOL, so glad things are looking better this day.

Enjy it, and your friend, and lena, its sounds like a little respite right at home! cheers, debinca

Reverend Mom said...

So I'm still not entirely with it! I confessed I'm not organized. I deleted the extra post (and left the one with your comment). Thanks for pointing it out, and yes, I do love my life, and I am getting a bit of a break right her in place.