Monday, August 25, 2008

He's Back

Actually, maybe I should rename this. It’s not so much that he’s back as that Daughter has a very short memory. He finally started answering her phone calls, so as far as Daughter is concerned everything is fine.

It doesn’t matter that he hasn’t called her in weeks. It’s not important that most of the time he doesn’t answer her calls, and he never calls her back when she leaves messages. It doesn’t matter that Best Friend called Daughter to ask her if she’d talked to Boyfriend, because Best Friend was trying to reach him. It doesn’t matter that he has never offered an apology or explanation for his avoidance of her. It doesn’t matter that he’s been too busy to spend time with her in weeks. Daughter still loves him and they’re still together.

I pointed out how he’s been treating her. I pointed out that she deserves to be treated with respect. I asked her what she would tell a friend who was being treated this way. “Dump him.” I asked her why if she’d tell a friend to dump such a boyfriend she hangs on to him. I’ve been told it is her life and she can make her own decisions. She told me it doesn’t concern me. I asked her to make a list of the good and bad things about Boyfriend. She informed me there weren’t any bad things.

Wrong! She spent all Friday evening and most of the day Saturday curled up in a fetal position on the couch. Her voice was stuck on whine. Her blood sugar was sky high because when she got off the couch, it was too eat. She tried to convince me she was too sick to go to church. I told her I don’t want to watch this every weekend.

She’s supposed to talk to Case Manager and (hopefully) Boyfriend today. I’m going to give Case Manager a call this morning and see if she can help Daughter see reality. It’s all enough to make me consider reinstating that old rule about girls not calling boys....

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