Friday, May 9, 2014

Week One

I survived Administrative Assistant's first week of vacation.  Of course, I was in the office most of the day today, and I still have to finalize the sermon.  I met a young colleague for breakfast, and then headed to the church.  I picked up Daughter when she got home, drove through to pick up supper for her, and was back to the church for our Friday children's ministry. 

My house and yard are a disaster, and will remain that way for a while.  Tomorrow Daughter and I are headed to the City to meet Nephew.  Brother and his wife welcomed their second son early yesterday morning.  I promised to bring food and also have to get gifts for my two nephews.  I'm looking forward to seeing them, and it will be a long day. 

My wrist has been bothering me more since I mowed my lawn last Sunday, so I took one of the men at the church up on his offer to mow my lawn for me.  I'm very grateful for the support they provide.  I will be even more grateful when AA returns from vacation....

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