Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Yesterday my Office 365 decided that my computer did not have a licensed copy of the software, so it wouldn't let me do any work.  I went online to customer support and began looking for answers.  I uninstalled the software in 2 different ways.  I reinstalled it two times.  I used various versions of the program that was supposed to repair problems.  None of them worked.  I came home and pulled out my old computer.  Office was supposedly installed on it, but wouldn't work.  I uninstalled and reinstalled it one more time, and at least it worked on that computer.  Of course, the reason I retired the old computer was that it was no longer starting reliably and was very slow. 

When I got to the church, I once again went searching online for solutions.  I finally went to a different website, and there was a simple fix that worked.  There was a time when I didn't think there was any use for computers in the church.  Now I can't function without my computer.  Of course, the time I spent on the computer issues means I'm behind on my other work.  I'm missing Administrative Assistant.  I hope they are enjoying their vacation. 

We continue to have people coming through the office, and that helps. 

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