Monday, July 21, 2008

Reflections on Open Windows

This morning a new central air unit will be installed. We have been almost 2 weeks without, and it has been an interesting experience. We had a few days over 90 that were pretty miserable, but most of the time we were able to get enough of a breeze blowing through the house to keep it from being too uncomfortable. At night, we turned on the window unit in my bedroom, and Daughter camped out on the floor. I have learned much from this time without air conditioning, and I offer them up now.

1. The neighbors have a very noisy dog.

2. A temperature that seems comfortable while sitting still can become very uncomfortable when trying to do anything physical.

3. Fresh air carries many allergens.

4. The neighbors have a very annoying dog.

5. Fresh country air can be very unpleasant if the wind is coming from the wrong direction.

6. When a sudden storm comes up, open windows allow a lot of rain in very quickly.

7. Cats like open windows.

8. There is more traffic than I realized in Tiny Village, and they aren’t all coming here, even if I do hear a car door slamming.

9. Window units in closed rooms with sweaty people result in very stuffy air.

10. Cats deprived of sleeping on the foot of the bed are very demanding the following day.

11. Using a hair dryer on a hot, humid day does not result in dry hair for very long.

12. Soft breezes and piles of papers can provide strong motivation to clean and organize a study.

13. Having a conversation over the sound of a barking dog can be quite challenging.

14. Flies can enter a house through the smallest gap between a screen and the window frame.

15. A soft breeze coming through an open window is very pleasant.

We will be grateful to have central air again. However, on cooler days, I will be much quicker to open the windows and experience fresh air and pleasant breezes. Those soft breezes are worth the inconveniences.

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