Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Date

Daughter had a date last night. I drove her to town, where D met her at Pizza Hut for supper. A colleague and I sat across the restaurant. We had told Daughter we were going to come over and check on her every 2 minutes and ask how things were going. She was quite alarmed, and while hoping we were teasing, she wasn't quite sure. As it was, she was the one who came checking on us. My colleague, K, could see them; I was sitting with my back to them. K said Daughter kept looking over to see if I was still there. She stopped to talk to me on her way back from the salad bar, and again as they were getting ready to leave. I told her I'd bring her lawn chair to the park.

D drove her to the park, while I went to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. She called to tell me not to bother with her chair, she and her friends had gotten a picnic table. I told her I'd see her at the park, and would come sit next to her and put my arm around her. That drew protests from Daughter, and much laughter from her friends, who could apparently hear me. When I arrived, I could see them sitting with their friends. D had his arm around Daughter. I found a friend from church and sat in front of them. One of her buddies came over to talk to me, and hearing Daughter's voice above the crowd, I told him to go tell her her Mom said to be quiet and listen to the music. He was quite excited about delivering the message, and came back to gleefully report Daughter had not been pleased (I didn't hear her voice above the crowd or music again, though).

When the concert was over, D and Daughter quickly caught up with me. I stopped to talk to friends, and sent Daughter ahead to the car with my chair. When I approached the car they were happily hugging. They exchanged a kiss before Daughter got in. All the way home she was glowing. I accused her of going all starry eyed, but she was oblivious. She did come down to earth long enough to inform me she was never moving from this place, and tell me she wanted to go back to Town and hang out with D again today. I told her once a weekend was enough. They see each other all day every day and at special olympics softball once a week, so I thought one day a weekend was sufficient. She didn't argue.

This morning when I came down to the kitchen, I discovered that some orange juice and biscuits were missing. I suspect that Daughter was in to them last night, and it is a reflection of her anxiety about all of this. She still hasn't gotten up this morning, so her blood sugar is probably going to be sky high. I will continue to allow her to see D. For a while, at least, I will continue to be close by, which I think reduces her anxiety. Maybe it's my anxiety that's driving my desire to remain close when they're together. She had a good time last night, and she had an experience all teens and young adults should have. For that, I'm grateful.


Munchkin Mom said...

And you have given her a great gift by permitting her to have that experiencing it as well as having the tools to handle it. Give her love from the munchkins and me.

debinca said...

Great report! I m thrilled it went so well. You're an awesome mom. I love the part about about you threatening
to come put your arm around her ad sit with her!!

Reverend Mom said...

mm & owl,

I'm taking advantage of the afterglow and getting some work out of her today. She even cleaned the kitchen! She also helped me wrestle the screens into all the upstairs windows. It's providing a little relief, though I still miss the AC....