Friday, July 11, 2008

Church Telemarketers

Churches are not immune to telemarketers. I regularly get calls seeking to seeking to sell me new curriculum, new videos, t-shirts for the youth group, fundraisers for the youth group, service projects for the youth group, various singing groups, copy machine toner (an old scam), and various other items and services. Today I received a call from a woman who wanted to know if we had a choir. “A very part-time choir,” I responded.

“Oh, well could I speak to the choir director, please?”

“We have a part-time choir, as in they sing twice a year. Do you really think we have a paid staff member sitting here in the office to direct a choir twice a year?”


I never did hear what she was selling.

My favorite, though, was the company that wanted to sell me some curriculum. The first two times they called, I very kindly and patiently explained we weren’t interested. My patience had run out by the third caller selling the exact same curriculum I had politely declined two times. “As I told the two previous callers, we aren’t interested in this curriculum. Would you please stop calling us?”

In a very sweet voice, the young man said, “God bless you.”

For some reason his sickly sweet voice just angered me more. Fortunately, I didn’t say anymore.

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