Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Blessing in Disguise

Yesterday, with help, I opened all the downstairs windows and got the storm windows out of the way and the screens in position. My living room, dining room, and study each have two huge windows. It is so much work to switch out the storm windows and screens, that I haven’t bothered to do more than one or two the last few years. It cooled down nicely last night, and this morning I came downstairs to a cool house with a gentle breeze blowing through. As I sat here this morning enjoying the breeze and the sound of all the birds, I was reminded of waking up in my tent on cool mornings in northern parts of our country. I would often lay there in my sleeping bag, giving thanks for time away and the beauty of God’s creation, soaking in the sounds and the sun and shadows moving across our tent.

For years, we spent at least a week every summer camping. It would be a part of 4 weeks spent away from here for relaxation and renewal. Last year we didn’t go because in the midst of her psychiatric challenges, Daughter was too unstable to handle camping. Even though we weren’t camping, we had to return early because the loss of her routine was pushing Daughter back into psychosis. This year we didn’t go because we couldn’t afford it. We are in the waiting period between adoption subsidy and SSI, and I have had some major medical bills this spring. Just sitting here soaking in the sound of the birds and the gentle breeze, I have been renewed. I am reminded of what a gift it is to live in rural America away from heavy traffic and pollution. I am now profoundly grateful for the breakdown of the AC.

I’m sure that I will view it a little differently the first time it rains and I have to scramble to wrestle all the windows down, but today is sunny and clear, and I am grateful.

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