Monday, October 13, 2014

The Latest

Daughter was discharged this evening.  No med change.  Case Manager is furious.  She said, "She snowed them.  She convinced the unit and Psychiatrist that she's fine."  I told her I'd been through this before. Daughter can put on a good show.

According to Daughter, Psychiatrist suggested she aim for independent living by her 28th birthday in March.  I hope that's wrong. 

Home Owner was down there for a med clinic appointment with another resident, so she's going to pick up Daughter and take her home.  That's good, as I want nothing to do with it.

Apparently part of the reason for the discharge was the problem they were having managing her blood sugars.  She has had at least one that was over 300.  That means if she begins to show her true colors again, she'll have to be in the hospital.  I hope if that happens there is a bed available here in town. 

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