Saturday, October 4, 2014


Daughter has been manic this week.  She's desperately trying to escape the chaos in her mind.  In a 24 hour period she had the following plans: 

  1. To get engaged and marry current Boyfriend.  They have not been out on a date yet.  They have been talking on the phone.  I expressed surprise that she was ready to have sex.  She informed me she planned to adopt, so they wouldn't need to have sex.  I suggested  might have other ideas.  She said when he talks about sex she takes the phone away from her ear and then changes the subject.  
  2. She wanted to move into a nursing home.  That would make her happy forever.
  3. She wanted to move into an apartment with 2 friends.  They could learn how to help her with her medication.
She sent a long email to Case Manager about the last plan, and also said she wanted a new Case Manager.  CM sent it to me and asked what I wanted her to do.  I told her I wanted her to remain as CM and for Daughter to remain in her current house.  I said I thought we needed a medication adjustment.  CM emailed the team, asking them to provide Daughter with extra support.  She asked Nurse to talk to Psychiatrist.  I haven't heard what Psychiatrist said.  I'm still not allowing her to spend the weekend here.  It's been another week when I've hung up on her when she got too ugly.  I'm so glad she's not living with me.  It's still tiring to deal with her when she's like this, but it's definitely easier by phone than when she was living with me. 

At the church, things are going well.  I missed a meeting the property guys were having to make a decision about fixing our ice dam problem.  One of the men was concerned that I wouldn't be there, as he was concerned it might be a contentious meeting.  I gave him some suggestions about dealing with it.  My understanding is that the meeting went well.  They came up with a unanimous recommendation.  It's expensive, and we'll be borrowing money from our endowment to pay for it.  The board also endorsed the plan unanimously via email. 

The nominating committee has the nominees for the board for next year.  Last year they really struggled to come up with names.  This year they completed their task with one meeting.  All 6 nominees will be serving for the first time.

Treasurer closed on  a condo closer to family this week.  He's keeping his house up here, so they'll be going back and forth.  We've found a new treasurer, and I also have someone who is willing to take on leadership of the mentoring program in the local elementary school that he started 14 years ago.  I will miss him, and am glad they will be here at least part of the year.

One of our newer members was in to talk to me this week.  She shared with me that her mother had committed suicide, and she had always thought of that as an option for her.  She said since she's been coming to the church, she is no longer thinking that way.  She really loves the church.  I'm grateful to know we have made a difference in her house. 

Our September average attendance was the highest it's been since I arrived 4 years ago.  There continues to be an energy and excitement in the congregation.  It's nice to have things going well at the church when Daughter is being challenging. 

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