Saturday, October 11, 2014

At Last

Daughter's planning meeting for the coming year was yesterday.  I was concerned going into it, as she was not in touch with reality.  Thursday morning she was furious with me.  She was telling me she was ready to live independently in an apartment.  I pointed out that she was still getting into food.  She insisted she wasn't.  I pointed out she'd been into food at the church within the last few weeks.  She informed me the church didn't count.  When we got to the church, she took off across the parking lot to walk home.  She came back before I had to go looking for her.  I sent an email to Case Manager warning her that Daughter wasn't in a good place, and I was concerned about how she'd handle the meeting.  Case Manager forwarded the email to the rest of the team. 

The meeting began, and Daughter gave her speech about wanting to live independently.  It wasn't long before she was shouting and showing her current mental state.  She was making threats.  We stopped the meeting.  Her psychologist was also there, and the entire team agreed that her medication was off, and she needed to be hospitalized. 

The meeting began at 10:00, we agreed to the hospitalization by 11:00, and it was 5:00 before it was accomplished.  It was a very long day.  She actually ended up at the mental health crisis center.  The closest hospital with an opening on the psych unit was over an hour away.  I'm fine with the crisis unit.  That means her psychiatrist will be involved and will see her. 

The team is also becoming more aware of the power of her PTSD.  Psychologist suggested they go for a walk.  Daughter said she couldn't handle the traffic noise.  Psychologist pointed out how little it takes to trigger her PTSD right now.  House Manager also had her eyes opened, and told me she commended me for parenting her. 

When I left her at 5:00, I hadn't had supper.  I stopped at a Mexican restaurant on the way home.  I'd planned to go to the mall to get my hair cut and a new battery in my watch yesterday, so I did.  I also stopped at the grocery store.  It was almost 8:00 when I got home.  I missed the Children's ministry at the church.  I had called and warned Administrative Assistant, and told her what I planned to do with the story.   We had a conversation the day before about Daughter's mental state, and were both concerned about how she'd handle the meeting, so I don't think she was surprised.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted.  Today my back is hurting.  I have quite a bit I'd like to get done today, but my back is interfering with those plans.  This is the second time in the last week I've had a sore back when I woke up.  I have a new bed coming on Saturday.  Hopefully  that will help with the back issues. 

Daughter has called several times, and seems to be doing well.  They have just begun taking type 1 diabetics.  I picked up her home meds and med sheets from her house and took them back, but it didn't include her insulin scale.  I emailed it to them, and got a phone call from the nurse, who was freaking out over the insulin scale.  It was different from anything they've used before. 

Daughter's insulin is based on carbs and blood sugar.  I had done all the calculations and laid it out for the carbs she gets at her meals and her blood sugar.  The nurse said it was too complicated and asked what she should do.  I suggested they ignore the calculations and use the numbers I'd come up with for various blood sugars.  She said that would work.  I was surprised she hadn't figured that out on her own. 

Last night Daughter told me she was basically on her own in terms of figuring out the carbs for her meal (she does have a little book she carries that gives her carbs).  She told me it was a lot of work.  I had the impression she was beginning to see why independent living is not a good idea.  If that's all she gets out of this, it will have been worth it. 

I'm pleased that her med needs are finally being addressed.  Psychiatrist had been informed of the issues but had not ordered any medication changes.  Hopefully she will now. 


Marge said...

Hugs....and take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Glad that Daughter is receiving the support she needs. Hopefully your sore back will pass soon! - April in RI

Reverend Mom said...

Thank you both. The back is improving rapidly. Daughter was in a good place today, though she still doesn't understand what is realistic and what is not.