Monday, August 25, 2014

Here We Go Again-- with a twist

Daughter has a new boyfriend.  This time, though, her boyfriend is not developmentally handicapped.  He is a young man who recently joined the church.  He lives with his parents, but he has a car and a job.  They have been talking after church, and yesterday he gave her his phone number.  He wants to know why they can "hang out."

Here comes the twist:  he is a registered sex offender (children).  His neighbor warned me when he got out of prison and started attending worship.  He has acknowledged being an ex-con, but has not talked about  his offenses.  Right now, I'm delaying Daughter.  I think, though, I'm going to have to have a conversation with him.  If Daughter feels threatened, she may accuse him of sexual abuse and he might find himself back in jail.  I'm also concerned about Daughter, of course.  He could see her as an easy target. 

The good news is that she is in a much better mood this week. 


Miz Kizzle said...

Yes, you should talk to this young man to find out if he actually molested children, or if his offense didn't involve physical contact. There are a huge number of offenses that are grouped together under the umbrella of sex offenses, many of which involve internet use, where the parties involved never meet except online.
It seems your DD would not be a good person for him to "hang out" with, owing to her past trauma, and her tendency to make false accusations.

Miz Kizzle said...

BTW, I wonder why the neighbor "warned" you about this person. It seems spiteful and un-Christian.
The percentage of reoffenders among sex offenders is very low, lower than for almost any other crime. Just like the fear of terrorists blowing up the local fast food place, the fear of sex offenders jumping out of the bushes to rape our kids isvery unrealistic. Almost always, when its a contact offense, it involves a family member or a child the person knows well.

Reverend Mom said...

It's complicated, but I know there was sexual contact with children. I also know why the neighbor talked to me, and her motives were good.