Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Psychiatrist started Daughter on a new anti psychotic 2 months ago.  She is much less volatile, and much more realistic.  She is no longer bugging me about how she needs her own apartment.  She finally accepted that her current group home is the best place for her for now.  Unfortunately, there are also side effects.  She has developed a tremor that makes it difficult for her to do detail work.  She is also very slow.  It can be painful to watch her try to do things, she is so slow. 

So, when we saw Psychiatrist last week, we reduced the new anti psychotic by half, with the understanding we may have to go back to the higher dose.  I am seeing a return of the volatility.  She's also struggling more.  It's all a trade off.  At this point, though, I think a tremor and slowness may be preferable. 

It gets frustrating.  I also recognize that this is going to be an ongoing struggle.  Every so often she complains that it's not fair that she has all these challenges.  I agree. 

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