Saturday, March 14, 2015

Daughter's Heart

A couple of weeks ago we had our Sunday evening prayer service, which Daughter has come to love.  We got into the car following it, and she became to sob.  When I asked what was wrong, she told me she must be praying wrong, because the man who had just been diagnosed with cancer wasn't improving.  "Mom, that family has been through so much.  They just lost someone they loved.  His grandchildren love him so much and are so young.  They need him."  I was touched.  We talked about prayer all the way home, and by the time I dropped her off, she recognized that it wasn't her fault. She wrote some lovely thoughts she gave to the widow.  

Yesterday evening was our monthly children's ministry.  She was so happy following it.  "The time with the children is just so good for my spirit."  She was dancing through the store when we stopped to pick up a few things-- and it was late.  It is fun spending time with the kids.  I enjoyed it, too.  We made some changes this month and it improved it.  We had the kids suggesting verses to one song, and it was just a fun time.  I told Administrative Assistant that one of the things I love about ministry is that while I'm writing a memorial service I'm also planning music for the children's ministry.  That variety is wonderful. 

I've spent time in the office my last two Fridays, which are supposed to be my day off.  While it doesn't thrill me, it's okay, as long as it doesn't happen too often.  We have been working ahead, and overall we are caught up.  It's just a matter of having too many major events to prepare for in one week.  By going in on Friday, I can finish the sermon and truly enjoy my Saturday, so I consider it time well spent. 

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