Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tired and Grumpy

I am tired and grumpy as vacation approaches (3 more sermons).  Last night's meeting with our worship and education folks didn't help.  We have one worship service on Sunday, yet all of these things were asserted as fact last night:
  • We don't sing enough traditional hymns.
  • All we ever sing are traditional hymns.
  • 90% of the music we sing the congregation doesn't know.
I could go on, but you get the idea.  They didn't even recognize that they were contradicting themselves.  Two of the women sitting across the table from me were staring at me, waiting to see if I would blow up.  I just sat there.  One of them finally got angry, as she has been involved in picking music and knows the care we take with it.

I told Administrative Assistant that it looks like the honeymoon is over.  It is impossible to please them all, especially since their demands are contradictory.  I am tired and grumpy.  This Sunday we will be announcing our new vision statement, and I suspect that that is creating some anxiety.  We have been dealing with a great deal of change, and the congregation is growing, which also creates anxiety.  When I'm not able to remain calm, it increases the anxiety, and people end up complaining about singing too many traditional hymns and not enough traditional hymns and don't realize that it is contradictory.  

Because of Daughter, I know that what they're complaining about is not the real issue.  I know I'm a target, and I don't necessarily deserve the things being tossed my way.  I'm tired and grumpy, though, which makes it harder to deal with all of this in a constructive manner.   I spent some time with my journal this morning, and that helped.  I think once the new vision statement is announced, that will help, too.  It really does grow out of our identity and formalizes what we are already doing.   I have yet to hear from anyone who doesn't like it.  Hopefully that will continue.  3 more sermons, and I will have 4 weeks to recover.  When I return, I won't be tired and grumpy. 


abrianna said...

Ugh...the lightning rods for any ministry position-worship/music, youth, or dance. So sorry you have to deal with that.

My downfall was dance, which was a *volunteer* position. Things got so bad that it was interfering with my worship, and I resigned. As a result of that experience, I don't think I will ever put myself in a ministry leadership position again-volunteer or paid.

Miz Kizzle said...

Are hymns really necessary? It seems like people always fight over them, so why not eliminate them? It will make the service shorter and do away with the cost of paying a choir director, money which could be used for charitable purposes.